Spiritual outlook is the key to salvation. Dr SundeepKochar explains how!

The notion of spirituality transcends the world of divine science. Ace Celebrity Astrologer Sundeep Kochar emphasizes that these beliefs breathe comfortably next to advanced technology. The world we live in is standing at the juncture where these two meet.
The impact of spiritual beliefs on various aspects of our life is said to be clear and irrefutable.Various studies based on neuroscience and positive psychology have proved how a spiritual perspective leads to a healthier life, and a happy one too.
When we say “spiritual” we mean, “the one that is related to or affects the human spirit or soul. It impacts the deeper aspects of human beings.”Spiritual people are different. They are contended, healthier, have better perspectives, and are much more enlightened than others.
In the words of Sundeep Kochar, “Following a spiritual path is imperative to rejuvenate your inner self.” He firmly believes in the ideals of spirituality and has healed many people with his astrological predictions, and remedies based on his calculations.
Considering yourself as a spiritual being, you can rediscover your natural, inner treasures of peace, compassion, virtue, happiness and wisdom. However, the idea of spirituality does not confine itself to a certain form. It is the freedom of belief.
“Spiritual identity is deemed as a ray of hope in the state of despondence and dejection. It is only through experiencing your spiritual self that you can connect with the supreme power and enlighten yourself. A strong spiritual outlook helps you in seeking the meaning in life’s difficult circumstances,” adds Dr Sundeep  Kochar.
As the common saying goes, “One of the most enduring metaphors for the spiritual path is the transformation of the lowly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.”
A well-known body of evidence has established that spiritual practices are associated with better health and the well being for a number of reasons. Contemplative practices such as meditation, prayer, yoga and journaling induce feelings of compassion, empathy and gratitude. Considered the most effective medium connecting soul and mind, these practices also help in combating anxiety disorders, improving attention, memory, immunity, emotional control, cognitive performances and creativity.
Modern scientists believe that majority of the bodily ailments are psychosomatic in nature. They are mainly psychological and an outcome of stress. It is believed that only spirituality in the form of meditation can help overcome this anxiety and stress.
Adhering to a particular spiritual tradition is believed to bring various health benefits as well. Majority of the traditions lay great emphasis on treating the body with kindness and avoiding unethical behaviours.
Having said all that, it is quite clear that spirituality is the answer to majority of the problems in life. Maybe it’s time we start looking for all the good in these ancient beliefs to attain the path of salvation.


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